China University of Political Science and Law Library is the first university library in China, which focuses on providing political and legal information. Established in 1952, it was once named Beijing University of Political Science and Law Library. Since its reopening in 1978, it has been the director of the Library Cooperation Committee of the national political and law Universities and a member of the Chinese high-level education literature supporting system.

1.Library Buildings

The library is composed of two branches, and they are located in Xueyuan Road and Changping respectively. There are two buildings in Changping campus library, Wenyuan pavilion and Fayuan pavilion. The library covers an area of 20390 square meters. The library adopts the open management mode of the integration of borrowing, reading and collecting, with a total of more than 10 reading rooms, which can provide readers with nearly 1500 reading seats; the electronic reading adopts the decentralized management, with more than 250 computers distributed in each reading room of the library for free use. The branches in two campuses can both provide borrowing and returning services. The reading room is open 94 hours a week, the self-study room is open 112 hours a week, and the network resources are available 24 hours a day throughout the year.

2.Classification and Shelving Standard of Library Resources

The classification and Shelving of library resources mainly follows two methods:Chinese Library Classification,andClassification for Library of the People’s University of China. The books collected before (including) 2002 are classified and shelved according toClassification for Library of the People’s University of China, and the books collected after (including) 2003 are classified and shelved according toChinese Library Classification.

3.Collection Resources

By the end of 2018, the library of our university and the reference rooms of all departments process was counted in the number of 253,690,000 paper books, 3,016,800 electronic books and 350 computers. At present, there are dozens of electronic resources available for teachers and students (any computer within the IP range of campus network can be directly accessed the electronic resources of the library without user name and password). The Chinese and foreign electronic resources include CNKI, WANGFANG DATA, DUXIU, Chaoxing Digital Library, CHINA DIGITAL LIBRARY, China infoBank, CSSCI, PKUlaw(Chinese Legal System), WiseNews, Koolearn multimedia database, Angle database, EBSCOhost, Westlaw next, LexisNexis, HeinOnline, JSTOR, kluwerarbitration, SAGE, etc. In 2019, Chaoxing discovery system and Summon platform are added to provide readers with convenient "one-stop" search.

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